Treasures NYC: Legends Never Die & Neither does Fashion

They say legends never die and Treasures NYC believes that applies to fashion as well. Treasures NYC keep iconic vintages pieces alive by giving them a new life and story to tell. With the rise in conscious consumerism people from all walks of life are turning to second-hand retailers to do both good for the environment and their bank account. 

Fashion is no longer about buying the newest trends right off the rack. Trendsetters are putting a major value on individuality. Nobody wants to be wearing the same outfit as every other person they see. Instead, fashionistas are taking pride in curating a carefully thought out wardrobe unique to their personal aesthetic.

The New York City-based retailer specializes in curating rare and chic vintage pieces with a story. Treasures NYC prides itself on bringing life back to fashion with original pieces that have history, seen the world, been through it all and back just to make it into your hands. Oh, the stories their pieces could tell!

Fashion is all about originality and authenticity! Being authentic in your style is more desired than ever before. Blindly following what the industry tells us is “in” right now just doesn’t cut it anymore. With emerging trends bringing back Y2K and 90s styles Treasures NYC has all the pieces of your vintage dreams.

When buying vintage items from Treasures NYC you are buying into a lifestyle; one that is both iconic and fabulous. No matter what your vibe there is sure to be an item for you. From Prada bucket hats to Chanel bags, Dior Chockers, and so much more Treasures NYC has ALL the vibes. 

Even your favorite cool girl celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Addison Rae, Miley Cryus, and more own pieces from this fashion-forward retailer.

To purchase items from Treasures NYC you can shop both their website and Instagram but be sure to move fast if there is a piece you love. Who knows, you and a Kardashian may be seconds away from the same purchase! 

We have all heard the saying: one mans “trash” is another man’s treasure and nothing could be more true about the go-to luxury vintage retailer Treasures NYC. Give your wardrobe some life and edge with classic vintage apparel and accessories.


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