Watch 11 of Your Favorite YouTubers Review Glossier Makeup Products

If you consider yourself a makeup maven, there’s no doubt you have come across the Glossier skincare and makeup brand in all of your online product hunting. But even if you’re a makeup beginner, or rarely test out new launches, you’ve still likely heard of the Millennial pink-packaged, Instagram-viral beauty brand. That’s because the company is all about enhancing natural beauty with minimalistic products – a refreshing look in a sea of YouTuber-approved Insta-glams.
Over the years of Glossier’s growing popularity, many of our favorite beauty YouTubers have decided to tackle the brand on their channels, sharing their unfiltered thoughts on Glossier Boy Brow, Perfecting Skin Tint, Cloud Paint, and more best-selling products. Make sure to check out our favorite, most comprehensive Glossier review videos below to see what the industry’s top influencers think of the brand.

Ingrid Nilsen

In her Glossier review video, Ingrid Nilsen breaks her Glossier purchases down by worth in her beauty wardrobe. She details the products she runs through the fastest, which ones she frequently re-orders, and which skippable products she regrets purchasing. Ingrid’a review is a helpful one to check out if you know you want to place a Glossier order, but want to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Maddie Ziegler

Actress and dancer Maddie Ziegler tested out a full face of Glossier’s latest launches for a “Getting Ready with Me” video for her channel. In the video, the 15-year-old shared her thoughts on the minimalist look, feeling age-appropriate with lighter coverage, and more thoughts on the trendy brand.

Jackie Aina

When it comes to advocating for a more inclusive shade range, you know you can count on makeup guru Jackie Aina to speak up. The YouTuber’s makeup aesthetic tends to be more full-glam than Glossier’s barely-there you’re-skin-but-better look. But in her Glossier review breakdown, she helpfully dishes the hits and misses she encountered while shopping the collection.


On first glance, the Glossier vibe doesn’t quite match with Zoella‘s usual makeup aesthetic, but the popular YouTube guru gave it a go for one of her latest Full Face reviews. Zoe Sugg ordered one of everything she’d use to craft her face of makeup with, and sampled it all on camera for your viewing pleasure.

Tina Yong

For her series Tina Tries It, YouTuber Tina Yong gave seven of Glossier’s best-selling makeup picks a go. In addition to her live try-out video review, Tina gives a helpful rundown of the brand’s natural-look effect and skin-enhancing philosophy. Then she gives the brand an out-of-10 rating – and picks a favorite out of the mix.


J MAYO was an early adopter of Glossier’s skincare products, but only recently gave the line’s makeup launches a test on her channel. Originally, a lot of her concerns centered around the color payoff or coverage that these cosmetics deliver, but she crafted some beautiful looks out of her purchases.

Kristin Johns

The Glossier effect seems right up Kristin Johns‘ alley, and she excitedly filmed a First Impressions review for her channel. As a fan of natural and easy makeup, the YouTuber expertly showed off the primer, color cosmetics, and finishing touches of her own routine. Then she spilled which items she’s a fan of – and which subscribers can confidently skip over.

Amy Serrano

One of Glossier’s brand new products is the Lash Slick Mascara, and YouTuber Amy Serrano answered many of our biggest questions with her review video. How does the product apply, wear, and remove? Amy shows off close-ups of the wand, does a 12-hour wear test, and talks about the pros and cons of the formula in her easy-to-watch clip.

Samantha Ravndahl

Samantha Ravndahl tackled the Glossier review concept in a big way for her YouTube video, where she spent around $400 to pick up the line’s body products, skincare, makeup essentials, and more. We love how she went all out with a head-to-toe makeover to test the “Tumblr”-aesthetic brand.

Ivan Lam

How do Glossier products fit in with the rest of your skincare and makeup wardrobe? Ivan Lam gives us a look at how you can add in just a few new Glossier items to your existing skin-pampering routine (like sheet masks, moisturizers, and more) to get that radiant skin effect.

Patricia Bright

You can typically catch Patricia Bright with a full face of glam, but for her Glossier review video, she went through a full face of barely-there beauty to test Instagram’s latest trend. Is she convinced that this label is setting the trend for the future of beauty? We loved watching her get to her conclusions.

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