Adeline Ziliox Showcases Spring/Summer 2020 Couture Designs at Paris Fashion Week

The exciting Adeline Ziliox Spring/Summer 2020 collection took to the catwalk during this January’s season of Couture Paris Fashion Week in France. Full of dramatic details and striking silhouettes, there were stylish experimentations at every turn. This season, the designer was particuarly inspired by the idea of “sources,” and all of the potential applications of the word – from the origin of a river, to the person or place which energy begins.
“Like pure water spouting out of the mother Earth and flowing down the rocks covered of moss in a virgin forest, the sources are several,” the brand shared in a post-show release. “They can be made with joy or sadness, with happiness, inspiration, life, energy…The source of the life is the origin of the new collection by Adeline Ziliox.”
Adeline Ziliox Spring/Summer 2020
Inspired by several natural elements, this collection also serves as a reminder that the fashion industry needs to turn to more eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable practices.
“This inexhaustible source, inside all of us… an interpretation as much spiritual as in the reality of the moment which we’re living on our planet,” the release explained. “This planet we must protect, as we must take care of our inner source. The mix of the elements like water and ground reflects the associations of the fabrics, the work on the empty and the full like our life tempo, the embroideries like emotional landscapes…Always in an eco-friendly approach and involved in the future of our planet, Adeline Ziliox uses only French know-hows, short courses for restraining the ecological impact, and fabrics like embroideries made by hand in her French ateliers.”

Click through the gallery below to view runway photos from the Adeline Ziliox Spring/Summer 2020 collection presentation at Couture Paris Fashion Week.

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