The Good, The Bad, The Kitchen Sink: What’s in My Bag?

Not every girl will give you a tour of her purse, but Alyssa and Janna will! Did we have to make several pleas and finally bribe them with pumpkin space lattes to do this? Maybe. But get to know our two home girls as they go through their bags and show us what essentials they tote around daily. Just another reason why the girls at Richard Magazine are exceptionally awesome.

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Janna’s Purse

Alyssa’s Purse

  • iPhone #2
  • Nice sleek wallet. Proper pocketbook style.
  • One lip gloss. Smashbox Always On. It’s so good you only need one.
  • Naked Basics. The essentials of face color. Simple and effective.
  • Some snazzy Ray-Bans
  • Hair-care essentials like combs and hair clips. When you’ve got flowing raven hair, you have to be prepared!
  • PYT Argan Oil. Oil that makes your hair look less oily. Classy indeed.
  • Pampas Sunrise Body Polish. This scrub goes the whole ten yards. A quick rub and you’re exfoliated and ready to go.
  • My Brush Set. An all-in-one brush for your make-up needs. This is definitely a must-have.
  • L’occitabe Hand Cream. (#twinning)
  • The Lady Gaga. Chic and black. Alyssa loves her neutrals.
  • Wet & Wild Ultimate Brow Kit. You can get this at a local drugstore to keep your eyebrows in check.

Now, you know Janna and Alyssa a little bit better and hopefully gained some ideas for what to keep in your own bag. For a more in-depth look at applying some of these products, check out Alyssa’s 5 Minute Face makeup tutorial.