Wet n Wild: Ultimate Brow Kit Reviewed

It’s our Alyssa’s favorite brow kit, featuring everything you need for your eyebrows in one small, compact case. It’s handy, small, and full of beauty possibilities. It is the Ultimate Brow Kit by Wet n Wild and it will make your eyebrows the fleekiest thing around.

Yes. We said “the ultimate.” Is it just marketing fluff or the real deal? In our humble opinion, this kit is legit. Your brows take a lot of time. It’s not enough to power and brush. A brow expert knows real brow sculpting takes tweezers and wax. You wouldn’t just brush a unibrow and leave it be, would you? Would you, Anthony Davis, would you? A great eyebrow is shaped and defined. It’s waxed and maintained. Let’s be honest. Your brows need a salon to look their best. This is why the Ultimate Brow Kit is so popular. It’s a virtual salon in your purse! Pamper yourself. Because listen, you’ll die someday, anyway. Enjoy awesome eyebrows until then. #eyebrowsonfleek

The Ultimate Brow Kit does have one flaw. It only comes in ash brown. The kit includes two different shades of brown, one a light coffee and the other deep chocolate. If you have lighter eyebrows, this may not be the daily brow kit for you. However, it’s still worth an investment, though. The brushes, tweezers, and wax will still come in handy. Why are we encouraging you to buy a kit that doesn’t match your eyebrow color? This is honestly a great asset to any makeup bag. Its palette is diverse enough to at least use for accenting for time to time. Not only does it provide you with everything you need to maintain #eyebrowsonfleek, it’s $3.99!

Yep. We said it. This little giant of a brow kit costs less than $5. It’s a steal. This is where we make comments about how it would be crazy and foolish for you to turn up such an economic, effective cosmetic product. If you’re still not convinced, just watch the ease with which Alyssa applies it during her 5 Minute Face tutorial. When beauty is cheap, there are no excuses.


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