Mom Jeans and Mullets: Stranger Things Fashion

Where is Will Byers? That was the question haunting so many of us this summer as we binge-watched Stranger Things, Netflix’s pitch-perfect homage to the 80s. We got to laugh and gasp along with renegade kids in a fantastical world. The characters weren’t our only draw to the show, either. It was filmed retro and raw, bringing back a grainy authenticity rarely seen in the age of editing and Photoshop.

The soundtrack was spot-on. Even the costumes had us pining for fall, so we could sport the vintage fashion as seen on the binge-worthy show. While we aren’t so enthusiastic about mom jeans or mullets, (especially together) but vintage blouses and shearling jackets are trends that can get behind. Join us in paying homage to Stranger Things fashion this fall with these five style staples.




The rustic, vintage jacket is popular this fall. We like our all-American backcountry look, even if we are residents of the Big Apple. Warm, stylish jackets are scattered throughout the world of Stranger Things, and we love each option. The trucker jacket stands out to us, though. Jonathan’s fur-lined denim and Chief Hopper’s corduroy are both excellent choices to keep you warm this fall.



The 70s fabric has made a recent comeback in fall wardrobes. We’re not talking about awkward wale cords. Corduroys can compliment your body and keep you warmer than most jeans. The jackets are nice and comfy too, if a bit stiff. Don’t combine corduroy with corduroy unless someone is paying you to.




Fashion has tucked away the long-sleeve polo in a vault with other preppy that scarred every mall rat from the 90s. Not long ago, it was a fashion statement reserved for guys we loved to mock, like the Winklevoss twins. In Stranger Things, it’s worn by a band of uncool kids and jocks. It’s still kind of a douche move to walk around in a rugby shirt, but if it’s your thing, you can ride this Stranger Things fashion trend out for this fall. Latch on to the trend quick while it’s still hot.




In the cool weather, borrow Mike’s look, and slip on a cord-collared Harrington jacket. You don’t have to turn up the collar or sport a mullet to make this casual fall coat a winner. You can roll up your sleeves if it gets too warm. The rainproof synthetic material will keep you dry and fend off gusty winds. If you’re lucky, your dad may have one of these floating around somewhere. Otherwise you’ll be sure to find one in your local thrift store.



Pretty much everyone thought Barb was pretty cool and badass. She had the confidence to rock some pretty bold fashion looks. We’ve never seen someone rock mom jeans the way she did in the halls of Hawkins High. What we’re more interested in, however, is her chic ruffled blouse. Both Nancy and Barb rock this look, a strange blend of the 70s and 80s that actually works. We don’t advise the mom jeans, but a cute smock-top with some frills should definitely be in your wardrobe this fall.

Take Stranger Things fashion as your retro style guide is fall. You’ll be able to score most of these items at your local thrift shop. Save money and look good. Check out our Thrifting Tips to Help You Find Retro Gold for some helpful pointers! 


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