Reebok Unveils Plant-Based Running Sneakers

We’re all about the fashion industry becoming more sustainable in every way. When major companies use sustainable business practices and natural-based materials in their products, it makes the entire process better: on the environment, on the workers crafting the items, and the shoppers who eventually wear and love the garments. The newly-announced Reebok Forever Floatride GROW is an innovative shoe design that is bringing that eco-conscious commitment to popular sportswear.
“The Forever Floatride GROW is the latest example of Reebok’s commitment to reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics in footwear by making products with plants,” the brand said in a statement. “This trailblazing innovation in footwear rivals the best performance running sneakers on the market without sacrificing sustainability.”
To create these plant-based running shoes, Reebok uses natural rubber tree for the outsoles, algae sock liner, eucalyptus trees for the upper portion, and castor bean oil for cushioning.
Reebok Forever Floatride GROW
The first athletic shoe images showcase a white knit shoe design with a golden brown contrast. The neutral color palette makes these sneakers a great match for any outfit, while spotlighting its natural origins. There’s certainly no sacrifice on great style in these exciting new kicks.
Unfortunately, we have to wait a little while until the Reebok Forever Floatride GROW kicks are shoppable – they’re reportedly not slated to hit the market until Fall 2020. In the mean time, we will keep you posted on more eco-friendly fashion updates!

To see more from the plant-based Reebok Forever Floatride GROW sneakers, be sure to check out the brand’s video in the player below.

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