Kristin Ess Introduces Curl Haircare Products In Target Line

Celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess has certainly taken over the beauty aisles with her own Kristin Ess Hair product and tool range at Target. Now, the brand has expanded to include a highly fan-requested Kristin Ess curl range has dropped a haircare line specifically for curly hair, with six debut products that specifically focus on moisture and curl definition.
“As you know, KEH already has curl products in the current lineup— ie: co-wash, curl creme, hair water, recovery balm, the scalp care collection + the fragrance free collection,” the stylist shared on her Instagram. “However, I felt I needed to elaborate on curl options because in comparison to how many solutions I have for all kinds of hair needs, curl products just fell a bit short in my opinion. You know my whole goal, as I’ve stated since day one, is to provide not just a couple of products but a full for every hair type.”
Kristin Ess Curl Hair Products
The full launch collection consists of the Moisture Rich Curl Shampoo and Conditioner (for all curl types), the Ultra-Hydrating Curl Mask and Co-Wash (for medium to coarse curl types), the Weightless Shine Curl Defining Jelly (for fine to medium curl types), and the Ultra-Hydrating Curl Leave-In (for medium to coarse curl types).
Like all of the Kristin Ess Hair products, these curl treatments are free of silicones⁣⁣, sulfates⁣⁣, parabens⁣⁣, and phthalates ⁣. They’re all cruelty-free and vegan, and come in at a pretty affordable price point at between $10-14. ⁣⁣Plus, each of the products is housed in a sleek and matte rust red-orange bottle that’s just perfect for the ‘gram.
Kristin Ess Curl Hair Products

The debut Kristin Ess Curl range is now available at Target stores and the retailer’s website.

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