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Wristwear Fashion For Women
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What you do with a naked wrist is important. Throwing on random cuffs and bangles is like buying the first purse you see in the store. Reckless. The devil is in the details. A girl’s wrist is a canvas for storytelling. How do you decide on what to wear? It all depends on what you want to say. An arm dripping in gaudy wristlets communicates something very different than a wrist daintily clad with a crystal band or thin gold bracelet. If you need some guidance to get you started, I’ve got you covered. Use these five aesthetic pointers to start out on your as a blueprint of crafting the perfect wristwear look just for you.
Go Classic
The Audrey Hepburns and Grace Kellys of today opt for clean lines and geometric shapes when organizing their wristwear. Start with a thick watch and build other bracelets around it. A classic wrist look doesn’t have to be minimalistic, but it should be simple. Stick to a consistent hue of metal for both the watch and bracelets. Make sure both wrists are balanced and free. This is the look to go with in a business setting. It’s decorative without infringing on your professional persona.
Boho Chic
Thank Sienna Miller and Mary-Kate Olsen for this style trend. Play with combinations of color and texture. Silver, copper, and bronze metals are staples in bohemian fashion, as are wide metal cuffs. Use the cuff to anchor the other pieces you wear. Mix in some diversity with tasseled bracelets or geometric beads. The style is a collector’s heaven. You can make practically anything at a bazaar or open-air marketplace fit in. Want to add casual flair to a weekend outing? Go Boho Chic.
Anything subversive will do here. Unusual combinations work best. Mixed metals have an alternative vibe. Studs and chains or leather cuffs scream tough girl and rebellion. The connotations of this style mean you should to use it sparingly. If you’re headed to an art show in Soho or a Christopher Street bar, go all in! If you’re attending a Broadway show, don’t. Just don’t.
Girly Girl
Do you fawn over little pink bracelets and heart lockets? Then embrace the world of pastels and rose gold! Feminine wristwear has eye-catching allure. This is first date one-on-one. Want to capture his attention and keep it? Something small, shiny, and sweet will have just the right balance of romanticism and sophistication. Fun little pendants or charms are also an excellent choice for girl’s night out.
Accessories shouldn’t be about quantity. One or two carefully chosen bracelets will make you look thoughtful and elegant. Solid bands work best. An intricate wristlet that ties in with the rest of your outfit can elevate most formal looks. The other spectrum of minimalist wristwear style is the Statement Arm. Use an attention-grabbing piece for a refined yet extravagant splash.
Wrist style isn’t difficult to master. All it takes are a good eye and focused attention to detail. Make informed decisions about your wristwear and you’ll be armed for fashionista success.


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