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Virtual Technology Is About to Transform Your Fashion Beauty Lifestyle
Virtual technology is about to make its design debut. It’s something we’ve all been eagerly waiting for. Fashion and beauty have both grown more efficient and tech-savvy in recent years. Today, you can stream hundreds of fashion shows a year on the computer, shop online at almost any store we want, and get entertaining advice from gurus scattered across the internet. The only thing missing is the ability to test new products from the comfort of your home. If you are looking for a fresh foundation or chic new top, the only way to try one out is to go to a physical store. With virtual technology, you can test whatever products you want whenever you want wherever you want. It’s the ultimate on-demand fashion beauty experience. Here’s how virtual technology can transform your fashion beauty lifestyle for the better.
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If you love nail art, you know choosing the right polish takes time. Serious nail artists test their colors before they make a purchase. It isn’t always easy to stick to your standards and try out multiple polishes at the store. First, it takes a lot of time to open dozens of bottles and test them. Even if you do, you could end up with ten multi-colored nails if you’re picky. Some stores don’t have test bottles for every product and you could get in real trouble opening a sale-ready bottle to try it out.
A virtual nail polish counter would make this process much simpler. You could simply adjust the skin tone of a virtual hand and get to work testing dozens of new colors. With modern technology, you can view accurate colors and finishes online so you know exactly what each nail product will look like in real life. It’s tidy, efficient, and you don’t ever have to venture out. You could test MAC Cosmetics products until 2am and no one would care!
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Of all the steps in your beauty makeover, hair is the trickiest to test. You can get a good idea how a hairstyle will look based on posters and photographs, but in the end you’re still resorting to guesswork. That’s all about to change. Recent strides in virtual technology are close to making it possible for you to have an interactive virtual salon right on your computer screen.
With these new systems, you’ll be able to play with a head of hair until you find a hairdo that suits your fancy. The programs will also allow you to make changes to a model’s head so it resembles your own. That way you won’t unwittingly commit to a haircut that makes your face look too long or fat and chunky. Many salons are already using 3D imagery to help their clients visualize what custom haircuts will look like. When everyone has the ability to craft personal looks, custom hairdos will reach a whole new level of awesome.
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Virtual powder rooms aren’t here yet, but they’re in development. Industry professionals are predicting you’ll have access to one by the end of 2017. A custom makeup tool could make it so you never have to shop at the mall again. These proposed designs would let you test any product you wanted in virtual space. Similar to the virtual nail polish tool, you’ll be able to view accurate colors and play with different finishes and textures.
One of the most helpful elements of virtual beauty is tidiness. When you try on makeup or nail polish in person, you’re going to have to tidy up. With nails, this might involve an hour of scrubbing off excess color. Makeup tests require you to wash away each trial look before you move on to the next one. When you’re finished, you have to re-apply your original makeup before you leave the store. Testing things out in virtual space will save you the hassle without sacrificing precision. With a personalized face set to match your own, you’ll know exactly how your makeup will look without dabbing a drop of product on your face.
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If a personalized face is impressive, a full-body model would be insane. That hasn’t stopped tech-savvy designers in the fashion industry. Their designs may not be ready until 2018, but many companies are working intensely to bring this next level of fashion technology to your home computer. The ability to try out realistic clothes in virtual space could turn the retail industry on its head.
Anyone who’s ever shopped for clothes knows sizes vary slightly by brands. Currently, if you buy clothing online, there’s no guarantee how it’s going to fit. New detailed online systems could give you accurate examples of company clothes to test out. They’ll have the ability to show whether a Levi’s 32 waist will fit you. Achieving this level of accuracy while sitting on your couch at home would have been unthinkable around the turn of the millennium. That’s how fast technology is moving today.
Whether you’re shopping online or playing with makeup, virtual technology is going to change your fashion beauty lifestyle. Finally, you can have an immersive shopping experience wherever you are whenever you like. For the first time in history, you’ll be able to carry the ideal fashion beauty atmosphere in your jeans pocket.


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