The Bedazzled History of the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

The Bedazzled History of Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra
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If you think you know what an expensive bra is, you haven’t seen Victoria’s Secret’s Fantasy Bra collection. If you thought the company’s most stupendous achievement was its infamous annual fashion show, you are clearly missing out. Ever since the Fantasy Bra debuted in 1996, the company has been experimenting with jewel-studded cups and gold filigree straps. Ranging anywhere from $1 million to $15 million dollars, these designs have become yet more iconic proof that Victoria’s Secret is the international bra queen. Not only are her designs the world’s sexiest bras; they are the most expensive. The 2016 Victoria’s Secret fashion show coming up on December 9th, so to prepare you for this year’s Fantasy Bra, let’s look through the glamorous evolution of the most expensive bras in the world.
Spoiler Alert: The 2016 Fantasy Bra unveiled below!
1996 fantasy bra
1996 – The Million-Dollar Miracle Bra
Before it was the Fantasy Bra, Claudia Schiffer adorned the cover of Victoria’s Secret’s Christmas catalog in this $1 million “miracle.”
1997 fantasy bra
1997 – The Diamond Dream Bra
It looks pretty plain and white to be one of the most expensive bras in the world, but this sophomore design’s diamond-studded hem and a centerpiece made still made it a $3 million investment.
1998 fantasy bra
1998 – The Dream Angel Fantasy Bra
With jeweled straps and intricate lace, the first of Victoria’s Secret bra titled a “Fantasy Bra” upped the ante by $2 million. It cost $5 million to bring home this beauty.
199 fantasy bra
1999 – The Millennium Bra
Who better than to flaunt one of the world’s sexiest bras than Heidi Klum? The Millennium Bra, studded with dozens of diamond stars, blended sexy and expensive to the tune of $10 million.
2000 fantasy bra
2000 – The Red Hot Fantasy Bra
Victoria’s Secret’s most expensive bra was ruby red hot. Reaching the pinnacle of expensive bras at the turn of the century, this hot red bra cost a whopping $15 million!
2001 fantasy bra
2001 – The Heavenly Star Bra
With a big bad jewel connecting two bejeweled cups, this bra went down in cost while going up in design aesthetic. It was $12.5 million for the Heavenly Star Fantasy Bra.
2002 fantasy bra
2002 – The Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra
With a Disney princess vibe, this bedazzled bra continued the aesthetic development of expensive Victoria’s Secret bras. The price dropped too, to $10 million.
2003 fantasy bra
2003 – The Very Sexy Fantasy Bra
Despite its uninspired name, the 2003 Fantasy Bra was one of Victoria’s Secret’s most successful. It had a Wonder Woman look to it, brought Heidi Klum back for a third time, and was the first million-dollar bra to feature a jewel centerpiece pendulum.
2004 Fantasy Bra
2004 – The Heavenly “70” Fantasy Bra
A close examination of this bra shows detailed thematic design work. Perhaps this $100 million creation was the birth of the Victoria’s Secret Angels.
2005 fantasy bra
2005 – The Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra
I never thought I’d see a cross between Mrs. Claus and Wonder Woman, but this is it. The metallic structure of this pricey holiday bra evokes bicycle wheels and gears, giving the $12.5 million design a mechanical feel.
2006 fantasy bra
2006 – The Hearts of Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra
If the White Witch of Narnia were a sexy millionaire, this is what she’d wear. The foliage-inspired wings and crystalline jewels appear like $6.5 million snow.
2007 fantasy bra
2007 – The Holiday Fantasy Bra
Here’s your $4.5 million Christmas Eve dalliance. The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is a December affair, so it was inevitable the holiday spirit would creep in at some point.
2008 fantasy bra
2008 – The Black Diamond Fantasy Bra
This was the first black bra to become one of the most expensive bras in the world. Valued at a modest $5 million, this bra features gold and silver swirling on a black diamond backdrop. If that’s not sexy, I don’t know what is.
2009 fantasy bra
2009 – The Harlequin Fantasy Bra
This second entry in the black Fantasy Bra canon looks a little like two apple pie crusts clamped onto Marisa Miller’s breasts. At least the cost is back down to $3 million.
2010 fantasy bra
2010 – The Bombshell Fantasy Bra
We’ve been through Wonder Woman, angels, and black diamonds, and now we land in exoticism. Though this bra sounds like an homage to Marilyn Monroe, it seems to be a celebration of pastel feathers.
2011 fantasy bra
2011 – The Fantasy Treasure Bra
Is this The Little Mermaid staged as a runway show? This turquoise bra is definitely right out of a sea fantasy. The costume almost outshines the $2.5 million bra. Impressive!
2012 fantasy bra
2012 – The Floral Fantasy Bra
Back on land, this bra feels right out of Alice and Wonderland. I’m beginning to wonder if $2.5 million is what it costs to be an adult Victoria’s Secret Disney princess…
2014=3 fantasy bra
2013 – The Royal Fantasy Bra
Finally, we’re back to the truly expensive Fantasy Bra more focused on being Victoria’s Secret’s most expensive bra than part of some runway theme. The price is back up too, at a whopping $10 million.
2014 fantasy bras
2014 – The Dream Angels Fantasy Bras
Worn by two veterans from past Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Adriana Lim and Alessandra Ambrosio, these may be the most interesting of the annual collection. With clear Indian influence, these rare designs show a surprising cultural awareness in Victoria’s Secret bras.
2015 fantasy bra
2015 – The Fireworks Fantasy Bra
Last year’s luxurious bra claimed was inspired by everyone’s favorite explosions: fireworks. It looks more like a costume from Waltz of the Flowers. Firework or flower, the $2 million bra certainly was colorful and one of our favorites at Richard Magazine.
2016 fantasy bra
2016 – The Bright Night Fantasy Bra
A bejeweled bra with turquoise accents is the newest Fantasy Bra in the collection from the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Jasmine Tookes wore this exotic look in Paris over the weekend. If you’re looking for a sexy $3 million gift for your lady, you can’t beat this.
Now you know the full history of the most expensive bras in the world. The 2016 Fantasy Bra has already been revealed, but it won’t be worn until the 2016 Victoria’s Secret fashion show on December 9th. These can tide you over while you wait.
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