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Vetements x Tommy Hilfiger Are Making Prep School Casual Cool Again
What comes to your mind when you try and imagine what a Vetements x Tommy Hilfiger collaboration will look like? Preppy sportswear with a twinge more functionality than Hilfiger’s typical Ivy League outfits? Unisex luxe streetwear with a little high-brow collegiate style mixed in? It’s quite a conundrum when you think about it, not because the legacy of one overshadows the other, but due to their vastly different reputations, these brands have. Hilfiger, a heavy-hitter in prep school attire, luxe menswear, and women’s clothing since the mid-80s, is an everyday luxury clothing company. Vetements, on the other hand, is founded on a philosophy that seems to stand in direct opposition to the very idea of preppy attire and everyday luxury. Only time can tell what truly comes from this highly-anticipated partnership, but we don’t want to wait. Here are the vague clues Vetements x Tommy Hilfiger have dropped so far.
The first teaser image from Vetements x Tommy Hilfiger made one thing very clear. Hilfiger is taking the lead when it comes to logo design. Though this red sweatshirt features Vetements name in prominent letters, both the font and color scheme are classic Tommy fare. Does this mean the brands will favor luxe streetwear rather than simpler “wearable” clothing? Surprisingly, judging by the sweater, the duo plan to focus on athleisure style rather than preppy haute couture.
It’s never been acceptable to wear khakis and chukkas with an oversized hoodie, but it could be very soon. This crossover look was Vetements’s answer to Tommy Hilfiger’s original Instagram post announcing the two brands’ joint collection. Khakis and sweatshirts conjure up imagines of comfortable college days when you could get away with lackadaisical attempts to look ‘presentable.’ Maybe this epitomizes how Hilfiger prep and Vetements practicality will end up blending together.
Don’t let the commonplace reputation of the sweatshirt trick you into thinking the Vetements x Tommy Hilfiger will only dabble in safe clothes that easily bridge the gap between their companies. Neither designer is known for sticking to the beaten path, and Vetements founder Demna Gvasalia made his fame and fortune thinking outside the box. We don’t know who exactly draped this duster across the model’s shoulders, but we’re excited about what it might signify.
There’s are many more hints in this image posted by Vetements a few days ago, but it seems significant that these models are pretty dressed down. The balance of unisex clothing and preppy haute couture strikes again with oversized hoodies featuring the prestigious Tommy Hilfiger name. We’re sensing a trend here. If reports about the other items featured in this collection are true, your 2018 summer will be littered with Vetements x Tommy Hilfiger t-shirts, beanies, socks, and more. Exciting times ahead indeed.
The partnership between Vetements and Tommy Hilfiger is unexpected but seems to be headed for unconventional greatness. If our guesses are near the mark, it looks like athleisure really is winning its bid to infiltrate and simplify formalwear in a lasting way. With this collaboration leading the charge, a refreshing influx of super comfy brand name clothes can’t be too far behind.
— Timothy Vest


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