Veronika Köpalova

Since recently being named one of the 20 best young fashion designers from across the world, Veronika Kopalova has since graced the US with her presence at Couture Fashion Week in NYC. Her latest collection, aptly called “How I Feel It” embodies femininity in all its forms. Women’s beauty, after all, has been her design inspiration since her first creation. Each piece in this particular line is a breathtaking display of creativity melded with purpose, form with function, grace and beauty with surprising wearability. It may be couture, but it’s unmistakably universal.
By melting multiple design elements together to emphasize soft female features, Veronika creates a whirlwind of emotion in each piece. Unlike other designs from Slovak Fashion Night, color isn’t the focus here, but the material sure is. She brings the traditional clean lines and V-neckline of a formal wear dress, but adds a rounded hoop hem, creating a sense of softness without taking away from the evening wear aspect. The same goes for the sheer-top, high-neckline graced with simply tufts of flowing chiffon: it’s an elegant dress without being stuffy. And somehow, the light airiness of the chiffon blends magically with the mesh creating a notable finish.
The edginess of “How I Feel It” comes out in the most surprising ways. It’s the genie pant slits, the simple tie under the arm of the cropped halter, and the grandiose ruffles that add to each piece without taking away all those womanly vibes. We see a lot of this same edge throughout the lines of Slovakian-born designers, but Veronika Kopalova somehow melts it with her own unique sense of delicacy.
Feminine elegance has never looked so good.


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