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Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli Does Jungle-Inspired Luxury Perfectly
Many designers strive to create an entire aesthetic world with their designs. These efforts are why you can point out a Coach bag or identify Chanel perfume in everyday life. It’s intensely distinct and represents a specific type of high-end products that are sought after and acclaimed for quality and reputation. Not all companies have the legacy to back up their aesthetic taste. Most rely more on visuals and bold features to stand out from the crowd and usher you into their personal design world. Of all these emerging brands vying for consumer attention, few have made as big a splash in fashion or interior design as Roberto Cavalli.
Cavalli’s themes are colorful, dramatic, and easily recognizable, three characteristics that set him apart from the rest of the design crowd. He’s bold without being aggressive or ambiguous. Each of his pieces incorporates natural textures, colors, and shapes to evoke jungle safaris and other outdoor adventures. Imagine a table made with large cuts of rounded precious stones. The natural stone recalls nature in multiple ways from being natural material to appearing like the footprints of a rhinoceros. This is the genius of designers at Roberto Cavalli. Their jungle-themed designs feel tropically inspired even when they aren’t aggressive animal prints or exotic products.
Roberto Cavalli uses this expert understanding of materials and presentation in both his interior design work and fashion collections. They just manifest in different ways. Much of his furniture is made with materials pulled from the great outdoors, while his clothing pieces are more stylistic in their naturalism. Capitalizing on the recent return of 70s chic, Cavalli combines jungle-inspired prints with bohemian tassels and bright brownish shades in most of his outfits. Check out the designer’s latest collection of furniture at Italy’s Salone del Mobile Milano. For the latest in Roberto Cavalli fashion design, check out his website:


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