Take A Tour Of The Secaucus, New Jersey PromGirl Superstore

PromGirl SuperStore
Take a Tour of the New PromGirl Superstore – Exclusive Video
For many high school students, prom is an experience that is worth looking forward to for years. But when the time to prep for the big dance finally rolls around, it can be a truly overwhelming and stressful experience. Who will your date be? How many friends *actually* fit in a limo? And where can you shop your dream dress? PromGirl is your answer for at least that dress question, as its e-commerce destination has every kind of designer, style, and price point you’re looking for in your formalwear. But if you love the joy of trying on magical gowns in real life, you’ll love the new PromGirl Superstore.
The Richard Magazine team visited the PromGirl Superstore in Secaucus, New Jersey for its grand opening event. There, our editors met with the brand’s Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer Kimberly Collins, who took us through the zillions of gown racks to explain how the process works. From finding your perfect look to walking the pink carpet in your potential options, this location takes the hassle out of shopping – and turns it into an enjoyable and memorable experience.
If you visit yourself, you can find the PromGirl Superstore at The Mall at Mill Creek, 31 Mill Creek Dr., Secaucus, NJ 07094.
To catch a video tour of the new PromGirl Superstore, be sure to watch our exclusive video above.
Be sure to keep an eye out for more exclusive video content from our trip to PromGirl, coming soon!
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