Prada Donates 6 ICUs To Hospitals In Milan During COVID-19 Fight

Prada Donates 6 ICUs to Hospitals in Milan During COVID-19 Fight
Milan is undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion cities in the world, and the fashion industry is standing behind the northern Italian city as it battles a tremendous amount of COVID-19 cases. To alleviate some of the strain put on local hospitals during the rapid upswing in cases, Milan-based fashion house Prada has donated six intensive care units to three hospitals in town. Co-CEOs Patrizio Bertelli and Miuccia Prada joined a long list of influential fashion creators giving back in this coronavirus fight.
A simple statement from the famed fashion brand explained these two Prada leaders “have donated two complete intensive care and resuscitation units each to Milan’s hospitals of Vittore Buzzi [children’s hospital], Sacco and San Raffaele.” Prada had previously announced that its garment factory in Perugia would shift to immediate production of protective masks and medical overalls, which are in short supply internationally.
Many more Italian-based fashion brands have been stepping up to provide funds and resources aid to healthcare workers and citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. To date, Giorgio Armani has donated more than $1.5 million to the cause, while Donatella Versace and her daughter Allegra have contributed another $220,000, among other generous efforts. Gucci has come forward to donate more than a million surgical masks to Italian healthcare workers, along with 55,000 medical overalls.
Additionally, beauty brands worldwide have been quickly shifting their production models to create emergency supplies of in-demand cleansers and sanitizers to distribute as needed. Luxury perfume and cosmetics house LVMH was one of the first brands to start creating hand sanitizer, joined by L’Oreal, Garnier, Guerlain, Skin Probiotics, and La Roche-Posay. These are just some of the critical ways these labels are making a difference in this pandemic.
Stay tuned for more updates on how COVID-19 is influencing the fashion and beauty industry, while those most affected also give back.
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