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Make Lipomassage Part Of Your Post-Lipo Recovery
It’s true. Endermologie’s innovative new Lipomassage treatments can be an effective substitute for liposuction surgery. The results might not be as immediate but you’ll avoid some pain and risk. If you’re considering liposuction but haven’t worked up the courage to go in for an actual treatment yet, press the pause button. Lipomassage might be the safe solution you’ve been waiting for. However, that’s not to say people who want to try liposuction surgery or have already gone under the needle sacrifice their chance to enjoy the therapeutic massages LPG therapy can offer. Lipomassage has been extremely effective as a post-lipo treatment to keep your cellulite patches from returning and soothe any scar tissue that might be left over as your incisions heal. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your weight loss experience and loosen up those stiff pockets of tension and fat across your body.
Treating your persistent pockets of fat with surgery takes a few steps. Once you’re under general anesthesia, your trouble areas will be “tumesced” by injecting a wetting solution to numb your skin and decrease bleeding. These tiny incisions are then used to remove fat cells using a blunt-ended wand called a cannula. The surgeon will use a vacuum to suction out fat and then close the holes with a stitch.
You’re going to feel a little raw after intensive surgery. The stitched-up incisions can stay sore for up to 3 weeks. You shouldn’t undergo anything strenuous after your recovery, so Lipomassage is out of the question. Despite these guidelines, it’s worth planning for some follow-up treatments after the bruising goes down. Odds are, your liposuction surgery did not clear away all the pockets of fat and cellulite plaguing your sexy figure. There’s a limit to how many cells a surgeon can remove in one session. Endermologie is the perfect post-lipo treatment to keep you on track.
Liposuction procedures remove deep, localized fat to help re-contour your body. This has a noticeable effect on your appearance, but it won’t solve all your shaping issues. After one traditional lipo treatment, you’ll still be stuck with quite a bit of cellulite. Since most build-ups of this fatty material are close the skin’s surface, fixing it with a needle and vacuum isn’t the best option. Removing fat via surgery can result in loose skin and make what cellulite remains to be even more visible than it was originally.
A Lipoemassage treatment can help issues like loose skin and lingering cellulite. Since Endermologie is a non-invasive treatment, it works more in harmony with your body when reducing fat. It’s a more natural approach. First invented as a therapeutic procedure for those suffering from bruises and scar tissue, LPG therapy will also ease whatever swelling remains after your surgery. It’s an incredible two-in-one tool that will speed up your recovery while continuing to sculpt your body on a consistent basis. Many plastic surgeons even recommend Endermologie to their patients in conjunction with liposuction to minimize post-lipo stiffness.
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Like any other weight loss plan, maintaining a healthy consistency in treatment, diet, and exercise is crucial to keeping your cellulite and fat at a manageable level. If you don’t keep up with your treatments, your skin will return to the way it was before. If you’re not sure what treatment will best suit you and your situation, book an appointment with a trained LPG specialist. These therapists will talk with you and design a specific regimen catered to your post-lipo needs.
Don’t let liposuction stop you from enjoying the refreshing results of Lipomassage. It will pick up where your surgery left off. True weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, you know.


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