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Patrycja Dobrzeniecka
A Trendy Makeup Update With Patrycja Dobrzeniecka
It can be hard to keep up with the latest makeup trends. There’s the weekly advice from beauty gurus on Instagram, seasonal looks dictate by the higher ups at fashion runways, and everything in between. Sometimes, by the time you finish working through everything, makeup makes even less sense than it did before you started. If you’re feeling the weight of beauty decisions and need a friendly face to get you back on track, Patrycja Dobrzeniecka is woman for you! Here’s what she has to say about beauty in general, makeup in particular, and the crazy art of crafting the perfect trendy look.
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Makeup has always been about balancing different colors, but new trends are changing the game a bit. Rather than looking for shades that blend, Patrycja Dobrzeniecka says keep your eye out for something that will pop. It’s especially trendy to use vibrant colors around your eyes. No need to switch up your products too much. All your favorite shades of blue, yellow, and pink are still in style. Just pile on more of them than you’re used to. A whole lot more.
We’ve seen this trend transforming formal looks all over the world in fashion. Now, the athleisure influence is working its magic on the beauty industry. Cheap looks are taking center stage. As Patrycja Dobrzeniecka eloquently puts it, street makeup once reserved for “women from the bazaars” is now sought after for the runway. The best part about this trend? You can save tons of money while keeping super trendy. Seize the opportunity while you can!
One of Patrycja Dobrzeniecka’s favorite makeup trends from this year is eyeliner. It’s one of the biggest things, she says. Apply it liberally with as much variety as you want. You can play with it, draw your designs with a pen or brush. There’s a lot of freedom. The only thing to be cautious of is applying too much. Remember, going wild isn’t the same as being sloppy!
Your lips should be matte this summer. It’s a subtle switch from the gloss and glitz of winter and the perfect way to let your bright summer outfits take the spotlight. It makes your lips look healthy and plump in the best possible way. According to Patrycja Dobrzeniecka, this color is also a sign of luxury.
Wear that 90s pink like nobody’s business! The 90s keep finding ways to stick around and this is one of their less regrettable fashion beauty contributions. You can add a splash of pint to pretty much anything and get away with it. Patrycja Dobrzeniecka says it’s still cool to do up your face and cheeks in pinkish blush if your face benefits from that sort of thing.
Glitter is absolutely everywhere in the makeup world right now. Put it on your nails, your lips, your face, your butt. Some people are even sticking some in their hair. Patrycja Dobrzeniecka doesn’t recommend something that extreme, but a nice dusting can go a long way.
Last of all, have fun! The most important thing to remember when you’re doing up a contemporary makeup look is that the process and final outcome should be super fun. And that’s the key to trendy makeup today!


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