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how to pick a watch
5 Things To Clock When You Pick A Sexy Wristwatch
A good watch says a lot about the person wearing it. That’s why you must take your time when selecting a choice piece of wrist candy. It’s going to affect your outfit and influence how the outside world perceives you. Will you be a gilded figure of opulence or someone with a refined taste for subtle silver? Do you need numbers and multiple world clocks to run business across continents or will chic, tastefully spaced lines do the trick? Believe it or not, these things matter a great deal. They don’t just help you function but help define who you are both as a professional and during after-office hours. Make your wristwatch count for something. Here are some tips drawn from multiple experts in watch-making to help you narrow down your choices. Heed them well and your wrist candy will have everyone pining to know more.
how to pick a watch
It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people skip this integral step in the watch-picking process. Same as with other significant purchases, you want to be certain the new watch you like does everything you need it to. If you really do manage people across the globe, having a few mini time faces to let you know what time it is in London and Beijing will come in handy. If you only need to know the local time, go simple and avoid confusion.
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This sounds like it only applies to watches you plan to give as gifts, but that’s selling yourself short. Think of the occasion as the context in which you’ll be wearing your watch. If you’re jogging, a black plastic design with a stopwatch feature will serve you best. When you’re planning to attend a lot of black tie affairs, decorative gold or silver is the way to go. Context is important when it comes to assembling a look. You should treat your watch like any other accessory and insist that it fit with your outfit and surroundings.
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Let’s be honest. Petty as it is, many of us buy designer watches as a status symbol. There’s no doubt flashing your Rolex or Cartier can be a sexy announcement of your decadent wealth, but don’t let that distract you from what’s truly important. Your watch should reflect your personal style. Just like there’s no reason to deal with multiple time faces if you don’t have to, steer clear of luxury for luxury’s sake. If a simple wristwatch with a leather strap matches your wardrobe best, sacrifice those bragging rights for the sake of personal style.
If you’re going to spend a couple hundred dollars on wrist candy, the least you can do is maintain it. That means polishing the metal once or twice a month and keeping it carefully stored away when you’re not wearing it. Watches aren’t fragile accessories, but the intricacies of their mechanics require more TLC than we usually give them credit for. Each brand varies slightly, so if you’re passionate about keeping your watch in tip-top shape it’s wise to read up on the specifics of each style.
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Given the widespread popularity of luxury wristwatches, it’s no surprise there are many counterfeits out there. It can take skill and a sharp eye to single out the real thing. Most retail stores are selling the brands they claim to have in stock, but it never hurts to check. You can use the reference number and serial number to compare any product’s bracelet, bezel, and design with the authentic company wristwatch to make sure they match up. Authenticity matters even if you aren’t flaunting your wrist candy for attention. Your watch will just have a longer life if it’s a genuine model. Simple as that.
Time and effort should go into selecting a luxury wristwatch. It may seem tedious to check serial numbers and sample designs with your wardrobe, but a truly great watch requires that level of detail. Think of it this way. If bragging rights, style, and punctuality are all on the table, why would you spend a little extra effort to get things exactly right?
— Nathan Young


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