Flu Recovery Facial: Koffee Day Spa’s Thai Morrison Develops Treatment

Flu Recovery Facial
This Flu Recovery Facial Will Get Your Skin Glowing Again
Flu season is currently in full swing, and it’s estimated that this year’s strain is one of the worst we’ve seen in ages. As you try to stay away from sniffling co-workers and down your Vitamin C blends, you may notice that the winter is still taking a major toll on your skin. And if you are just recovering from debilitating flu symptoms? It’s unlikely that your skin is already back to its vibrant self. Which is why Thai Morrison, the founder and co-owner of Dallas-based Koffee Day Spa, has created a specific “flu recovery facial.”
When you’ve just beat the flu, you may be left with extreme undereye darkness, pale skin, and swelling, which is exactly what this new treatment targets. “The facial aims to reduce the darkness and puffiness under the eyes and restore moisture to dehydrated skin,” according to a press release. It “can be done in house by Morrison or the products for the at-home facial can be ordered from the spa.”
The flu recovery facial “consists of an oil wash for hydration, like the Flower Power Oil Wash by Kanvas Skin Care; a cleansing scrub to exfoliated the dead skin cells like Polished by Kanvas md; a healing water like Avené­­­­­­ Thermal Spring Water to calm and soothe the skin; a hydrating mask like Glow Mask by Kanvas Skin Care to reduce facial puffiness and moisturize the skin and an eye treatment, like Plump Gold eye pads by Kanvas md to diminish dark circles and undereye puffiness,” the spa shared.
Image Source: Courtesy of Koffee Day Spa
Flu Recovery Facial
This skin-saving treatment was born from the esthetician’s own personal necessity.
“I was down with the flu for almost a week and I wasn’t looking or feeling my best,” Morrison said in a statement. “I started treating my skin aggressively with the flu recovery facial I developed and was able to return to work with revived, glowing skin.”
It’s always a great idea to treat yourself to a pampering spa day when you’re feeling less than your best. But this flu recovery facial is an even more genius creation!
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