Essie Royal Wedding Bridal Nail Polish Collection Debuts At CVS

Essie Royal Wedding Nail Polish
Essie Debuts Royal Wedding Bridal Nail Polish Collection
It might not be in the forefront of your mind when you’re planning a wedding, but selecting your bridal nail polish look may just be as tricky as finding the perfect dress. After all, you want a luxurious manicure when you are exchanging rings, and an eye-catching color to make that mani worth it – but you also may not want a shade that is too colorful or distracts from your overall party aesthetic. Well, the new Essie Royal Wedding collection (clearly inspired by Duchess-to-be Meghan Markle!) is here to make your big day’s selection that much easier.
This newly-dropped collection includes the stunning shades Ballet Slippers (a classic sheer pale pink), Topless & Barefoot (a classic nude), Blanc (white), Clothing Optional (another lovely nude), Eternal Optimist (a rose pink), Lady Like (a pink-toned mauve), Sugar Daddy (a sheer pink), Mademoiselle (a classic sheer), Minimalistic (a sheer pink), and Muchi, Muchi (a creamy pink mauve). All fit for a princess.
Within this line, you will surely be able to find your perfect neutral, or kick your look up a touch without worrying about going too trendy with your colors. The best part is that each polish is totally affordable, and you can have your entire bridal party rocking their own matching tips.
Did you know that these Essie classic shades actually do have a direct tie to the British royal family? PopSugar reports that the pale pink shade Ballet Slippers was originally commissioned for Queen Elizabeth II in 1989 for her to wear as a light neutral contrast to her brighter outfits. The more you know!
We also can’t wait to see which shades the royals will be wearing on wedding day this weekend.
You can shop each of the new Essie Royal Wedding collection colors for $9 apiece at CVS and on the brand’s online store.
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