Derma E Skincare: Reef-Safe Summer SPF, Tea Tree Oil & More

Derma E
In the Studio with Richard Magazine: Derma E Summer Skincare
The summer months can really do a number on your skin’s health, sometimes without you even realizing it. Between the sand and sun and wind and salt water, our skin can be drier and more tired than ever. Plus, there is sunburn and bug bites to contend with. With our latest Richard Magazine video, we are spotlighting Derma E, a skincare brand which has product solutions targeted toward different specific seasonal concerns.
Derma E is a 100% vegan, cruelty-free, natural skincare line that was started in Southern California. But the label actually takes their dedication to making an impact a step further, by promoting better business ethics and making positive changes in the world.
Everyone knows that all-over body SPF is crucial during the hottest and sunniest summer months, but it can get confusing about which formulas are best for you and the environment. There has been a lot of industry buzz lately about “reef safe” sunscreens, since common chemical sunscreen ingredients can actually hurt the environment by bleaching coral reefs and threatening marine life. Thankfully, Derma E’s products are formulated with non-nano mineral zinc oxide, which are reef safe. Plus, the water resistant sunscreen stick is perfect for beach day touchups.
The brand also features products that address concerns which frequently get overlooked – until they becomes an absolute necessity. For example, if you spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer months, you’re likely to pick up your fair share of bug bites, mysterious rashes, and even random patches of sunburn despite your best sunscreen efforts. The line’s tea tree and vitamin E antiseptic cream is a true problem solver. This moisturizing salve can calm down itchy skin, bug bites, or some mild cases of poison ivy or oak.
Take a look at our video above to get caught up with our favorite Derma E products. To see more of the brand’s product offerings, you can check out their website.
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