Converse x Millie Bobby Brown Sneaker Line Features Whale Designs

Converse x Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown Collaborates with Converse on Sneaker Range
As Stranger Things Season 3 takes over our lives – or the entirety of our Fourth of July holiday weekend! – we are ready for a new fashion collab created by one of the Netflix series’ stars. Sportswear apparel and shoe brand Converse has announced that 15-year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown has now designed a sneaker collection filled with summer-perfect new prints. Not only are the trendy results of the team-up exciting, but Millie is actually making history as the label’s youngest collaborator yet.

Millie’s character Eleven certainly has a fondness for pure white high-top Chucks, but the actress’ own designs are much more colorful and vibrant. The Converse x Millie Bobby Brown shoe line, “Millie by You,” pays tribute to ocean life and whales, which the star is personally very passionate about.
Converse x Millie Bobby Brown
“To choose the colors and material and print for the shoes was really specific and special to me,” she said on Converse’s Instagram, explaining the Orca prints and beachy white and blue-themed fabrics. “One of the most exciting parts of designing this is that I get to do it with my fans.”
The full collection color palette features 10 color ways and prints, and are able to be customized by fans to suit their personal fashion sensibilities.
Converse x Millie Bobby Brown
The Converse x Millie Bobby Brown sneaker collection is set to launch on July 11, 2019 – a perfect nod to Eleven herself.
Converse x Millie Bobby Brown
You’ll be able to shop the collection online at starting later this week.
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