Cecilia Kang Couture Show At New Zealand Fashion Week 2019

Cecilia Kang Couture Showcases Gowns at New Zealand Fashion Week 2019
Cecilia Kang Couture presented a stunningly opulent and eye-catching new collection titled “Galaxy Extravaganza” during the brand’s runway show this season of New Zealand Fashion Week 2019. Elaborate gowns with over-the-top headpieces and exquisite detailing were on full display at the beautiful Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber.
Designer Cecilia Kang, a self-taught couture creator, is all about adding distinctive, intricate, and unique qualities to her detailed garments. This season, lace, tulle, and ruffles ruled the runway. She makes each item in her eponymous line herself from scratch to fully realize her design vision, which means she creates the patterns, sews every item, and completes each piece for the runway.
Cecilia Lang Couture New Zealand Fashion Week

“My ideas evolved towards the different forms of shape in nature and of non-solids like gas – everything that surrounds us!” Kang shared about this season’s designs on her brand’s website. “The Galaxy Extravaganza collection includes all forms of life expressed in artistic detail on my garments. And then [I added in] ‘extravaganza’ because I am usually dressed quite over the top!”
Cecilia Kang Couture NZFW
The designer is also hands-on in polishing off the models for big catwalk presentations like this August’s showcase. To create “ultra-eclectic” beauty looks for this runway show, Celia Lang Couture worked closely with Face Me Makeup, a well-known mobile freelance team of experienced hair and makeup artists working out of Auckland.
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