Bratz collabs with Makeup Revolution for ultimate Y2K makeup collection

Were you a Bratz lover or a Barbie lover? Everyone growing up in the early to mid-2000s had their specific brand of dolls, perfectly fitting who they were (or who they wanted to be!). 

Bratz kids were a special breed: we wanted cargo pants and cool kid graphic tees, but still a face that is beat to the nines! While Barbie went for a classic and hyper-feminine style, Bratz had something special: a taste that was in touch with what young people everywhere really wanted, even if it blended styles and smudged the norm.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of this very special brand, which started with just four dolls in 2001. The brand, created under the label MGA Entertainment, is celebrating with a gift to all the Bratz kids who have grown up but still miss the good ‘ole days. While Bratz lovers were once stuck living vicariously through their doll’s impeccable makeup, they can now make those looks their reality with the new Makeup Revolution x Bratz collection.

The new collection will be sold exclusively in Ulta Beauty Stores nationwide, as well as and 

“To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are excited to partner with Makeup Revolution to help our fans continue to express their fearless statement of personal style based on their unapologetic self-confidence,” said Isaac Larian, founder and CEO of MGA Entertainment in the collaboration’s press release. 

Let’s take a look at the items in the collection, which hit shelves on June 18. All images are credited to Revolution Beauty.

Revolution x Bratz Limitless Eye Shadow Palette ($28)

This colorful 27-pan palette features mattes, metallics, even glitter shades in a rainbow of colors. The gorgeous purple packaging and ultra 2000s names will make you wish you had a time machine.

Revolution x Bratz Limitless Palette

Bratz x Cloe, Bratz x Jade, Bratz x Sasha, Bratz x Yasmin (each $22)

Hogwarts House? No Bratz lovers know EXACTLY which doll they are. If you still see Cloe as your fashion inspo, Makeup Revolution has got you covered with a set of four individual eyeshadow palettes, one for each of the four core girls. 

Makeup Revolution x Bratz Doll Palette Yasmin
Makeup Revolution x Bratz Doll Palette Sasha
Makeup Revolution x Bratz Doll Palette Chloe
Makeup Revolution x Bratz Doll Palette Jade

Kohl Liner Set ($15), Mascara ($10), Liner ($10)

Everyone remembers the insanely popular Bratz makeup challenge that swept social media in 2019. One of the most important parts of hitting the look was the doe-eyed extended lower lash line liner. With this colorful but soft graphic eyeliner set, you can make Bratz doll eyes wearable in 2021! Add the new voluminous mascara and sharp liquid liner and you’ll be the newest member of the Rock Angelz.

From left to right: Bratz Kohl Liner Set, Liner, Mascara

Maxi Plump Lip ($12 each), Lip Crayon ($12), Lip Care Set ($14)

One of the most visually recognizable features of Bratz dolls is their luscious lips. In the age of overlining and lip fillers, they’ve never been more in trend. Get juicy, beautiful lips with the Maxi Plump Lip, or if you prefer a more matte moment, try the Lip Crayons. Whatever you decide, remember to keep them smooth and healthy with a Lip Care Set.

Bratz Maxi Plump Lips
Bratz Lip Crayons
Bratz Lip Care Set

Brush Set ($24) and Bag ($14)

To put your new makeup on, of course, you need some new matching brushes! These metallic pink brush handles are as Bratz as it gets, with the set featuring an angled face brush, a powder brush, an angled eye brush, and an eye blending brush. Then, when you’re done, you can take them on the way with a purple, furry makeup bag, which can be purchased as part of the brush set or individually. 

Bratz Makeup Bag Set

So whether you are a flirty and energetic Cloe, a trendy and adventurous Jade, a fierce and loyal Sasha, or even a glamorous and ultra-femme Yasmin, Makeup Revolution has got you covered. Just like the iconic song says: “Time to show the whole world what we’re all about, we’re the girls with a passion for fashion!”


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