Becky G ColourPop Viva Makeup Collection: Lip Glosses & Eyeshadows

Becky G ColourPop Viva
Becky G Launches Viva Beauty Collection for ColourPop
Singer and actress Becky G is back at it again! The 22-year-old star is keeping her gorgeous ColourPop Cosmetics collaboration going with another exciting summer launch. She took to social media to unveil a Mexico-inspired new lip color and eyeshadow range color called Becky G ColourPop Viva, which features all the pretty brights you’ll want to be wearing poolside.
“It’s here!!! I’m so excited and happy to be able to share even more of my culture and roots with you all through this beautiful summer collection. 🇲🇽,” Becky posted on her Instagram. “In addition to the Spanish names of the Super Shock Shadows that I love so much, I wanted to share the special names behind our 3 new glosses. These names hold a special place in my heart.”
Becky G ColourPop Viva
In her post, Becky explained that “Ale” stands for her mom Alejandra; “Steph” is in honor of her sister Stephanie; and the letter “B” is obviously for Becky. What a perfect family trio – and lip gloss bundle! (Did we mention the Viva Lips set is $18 for all three!)
“Means so much to me that I could do this and honor the most important women in my life,” Becky added. “Viva Las Mujeres!! ❤️👸🏽.”
In addition to the three lip shades, the collection features four of those aforementioned Super Shock Eyeshadows, with the names Rosa, Oro, Cielo, and Verano. All four are available in a Viva Eyes box set for $20, and you can pick them up bundled with the complete set of lip glosses for a discounted $35.
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The Becky G ColourPop Viva collection is now available exclusively on the brand’s website.
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