Lavanya Coodly, Seven Crash, and Stevenson University Team Up for NYFW 2018

Lavanya Coodly debuted her line of handcrafted men’s & womenswear, inspired by the idea of escaping the confines of a day-to-day existence and the many worlds we straddle; to travel the world anytime without ever leaving. Seven Crash is a mix of men’s & women’s streetwear inspired this season by “Gliese 581D”—a planet which is 20.4 light years away—exploring the relationship between human fantasy and technology using a mix of leather and wovens to illustrate the beauty between outer space and the real world. Stevenson University is a collection designed, sourced and produced by students who were inspired this season by The Evolution of Bjork.

To see photos from Lavanya Coodly, Seven Crash, and Stevenson University’s trio NYFW presentation, swipe through the gallery below.

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All photos provided courtesy of Nolcha Shows at NYFW.


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