Modest Perfection from Let’s Travel Designs by Gitawidya Amalia

“Modest” isn’t a common adjective here on the catwalk, but it’s definitely an essential element in fashion. After all, modesty is part of many cultures the world over. That’s one of the reasons Gitawidya Amalia’s Let’s Travel Designs line was so vital at NY’s Couture Fashion Week 2017. This wasn’t just a collection of beautiful couture pieces, Let’s Travel also added an essential, traditional component to the usually brazen, no holds barred runway.

Gitawidya Amalia’s Jakarta, Indonesia-based line is breaking the mold in her home country and beyond by infusing international designs and patterns full of pizazz and boldness with a standard portfolio of scarves and pashminas.

Each design that made its way down the runway reflected not just a culture, but a lifestyle focused on marinating tradition and couture design elements. Plus, we didn’t just get a taste of Let’s Travel’s signature headwear, there was also a wide array of head-to-toe dresses, shawls, and wraps in every color under the sun.

Layers were the most prominent feature of the collection, with skirts and shirts serving as the base of the accessory-laden models. While patterns ruled this runway, the particular use of a stunning mustard yellow sheath served as the perfect backdrop for the jungle-inspired wrap and matching floral scarf. The use of a beige lace overlay over a sea of blue silk was another standout ensemble.

Any way you cut it, Gitwaidya Amalia’s Let’s Travel Designs are helping bring a taste of South East Asian culture, art, and fashion to North America.

Gitawidya Amalia’s inspiring, innovative vision proves that sometimes, “less is more” isn’t always the case.


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