5 Minute Makeup Routine With Alyssa Redenti

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Breakdown of the 5 Minute Makeup Routine

Hone in on this week’s beauty tip from Richard with the 5 Minute Makeup Routine! Our makeup expert, Alyssa Redenti, walks you through a quick and easy morning makeup routine.

  1. Alyssa starts with Black Opal foundation. Dab it on gently with your finger. Use sparingly to avoid a caked look.
  2. Next, add in some Neutrogena Skin Cleansing Powder. Keep it simple and light for these last days of summer.
  3. Now the eyebrows. Start with Great Lash clear mascara. Just brush them up slightly to make them a little more pronounced.
  4. Next eyebrow step. Get out your brow kit. (Alyssa uses the Wet & Wild’s Ultimate Brow Kit.) Draw the hairs in with the color for a gentle, natural look.
  5. Use a larger brush for your highlight, like Naked Basics. Start with Venus right under the colored eyebrow. Then apply Foxy and Naked 2 directly to the eyelid.
  6. Apply blush (Mac Raizin) to the apples of your cheeks.
  7. Use your Naked Basics again to start your lips. Then, for a splash of color, Alyssa recommends Smashbox’s Always On. It’s durable and stays on through lunch and even kisses!
  8. Finish off with Tarte Mascara. and there it is! You have completed a 5-minute face!

There it is! You’ve completed a quick and easy 5 minute makeup routine and still have enough time to grab coffee before work.

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