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2017 athleisure fitness trends
What To Wear When You Tackle This Year’s Health And Fitness Trends
Athleisure is a funny thing. It’s supposed to make the whole complicated maze of fashion easier to navigate. Not enthusiastic about primping for hours before Saturday brunch? Slip on some decorative leggings and a comfortable hoodie to save time. Headed out shopping before your trip to the gym? Sneakers and a tank top will serve you well for both. Yet, though it makes everyday life a piece of cake, athleisure creates a conundrum when it comes to workout out. Suddenly there are stylish options for what to wear at the gym and you’re expected to look put together while working up a sweat on the treadmill. It’s an ironic side effect, but nevertheless true. If you’re struggling to plan your wardrobe for 2017’s biggest fitness trends, here’s how to use athleisure attire to look great while you’re busy exerting yourself to look even greater.
fusion yoga
It’s the latest craze dancing up a storm at YMCA’s and fitness centers across the globe. In 2017, yoga sessions are all about what additional elements can be used to enhance the traditional techniques people are so familiar with. The offerings are quite diverse. You can sign up for nearly everything, from joint boxing and yoga sessions to workouts where class members alternate rapping to keep the beat going. Simply put, you’ll never be bored again. What should you wear to classes like these? A unitard with flexible interlaced straps at the top is always a good go-to when your workout might be varied. For your busy feet, try running sneakers from a brand like Adidas or Puma. If you need cover before heading indoors, throw on a simple hoodie.
athleisure fitness trends
Yes, you should be dressing up sexy to do a workout in the privacy of your home! It may take a little extra time, but there’s no motivator quite as strong as self-confidence. This is a great chance to try out revealing sports bra or wacky floral leggings you’ve been eyeing online for weeks. If nobody’s looking, it’s your perfect chance! Of course, in the age of online streaming and live video apps like Skype, an at-home workout session doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sweating away on your own. You could stream your local class while on vacation or work with a 1-on-1 virtual coach for personalized routines. In these cases, you may want to tailor your outfit a little, but not too much. After all, why wouldn’t you want to look sexy during an intense workout?
Not every workout will make you work up an intense sweat. Sometimes all you need to keep fit is a no-frills stretching session. Maybe you’re looking for something even more casual, like a stroll in the park. Whatever your preference, chill exercise routines are very chic right now so the more you can get with minimal effort the better. What you wear for these casual sessions is easy too. Think cozy sweats and lined track jackets with malleable running shoes. If you do end up getting a little warm halfway through your nature walk, have a soft tee prepared to replace the jacket. Whatever you do, keep things chill. That’s literally the point of this trend.
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Call it environmental awareness or economic necessity. Whatever the case may be, more people are walking and cycling to work in 2017 than ever before. Of course, not everyone lives near enough to their day job to cycle to it efficiently, but even if you can’t make this leisurely workout a part of your commute it’s still a trendy way to keep in shape when the weather permits. Ride in slim trousers that won’t get tangled in your bike’s gears and sneakers with good traction. A fashionable backpack will finish off this look and give you a handy way to carry whatever you need for work or play while your arms and legs are hard at work.
Stylish workout gear has never been as popular as it is this year. Hassle though it may be, take advantage of this brief opportunity to up your game as you exercise. They say one of the places you’re most likely to find your someone is at the gym. Play your athleisure game right and you won’t be sweating alone for long.
— Timothy Vest


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