Transitioning Your Makeup From Summer to Fall

Boo! Summer’s almost over but it doesn’t mean you have to completely ditch your easy breezy, glowy warm weather look just yet. Read up on how to transition your summer makeup look into fall beauty.



What screams summer more than a hot, neon pink lip look? I know you love your fuchsias and magentas but maybe you don’t have to sacrifice a little color to fall-ify your makeup. Matte formulas have way more of an autumn vibe, so try toning down your saturated pinks with a less glossy texture. Matte, liquid lipsticks are crazy trendy right now. They are everywhere from drug stores to high end retailers, so you’re sure to find one you like within your budget. Another trick – try layering a deeper, berry or plum toned lip gloss over the pink. The pink will still glow through underneath, but in a more subtle way, creating the perfect combo – summer/fall lip look.



Summer is all about beachy, bronzey goddess makeup, which means golden eyes that shine “bright like a diamond.” But you can still keep some of that glowy goodness and look fab for fall. Try adding a deeper tone in your crease. One of our fave colors for fall is plum. There’s something so right, and so fall, about gold meeting up with a purply tone. Ah, it’s a beautiful thing. Additionally, you can never go wrong with toning down the bronze for more of a pinkish champagne and deepening up your crease with a warmer color, like rose gold, burnt orange and sienna.


Just because it’s about to be Fall, it doesn’t mean you have to switch up your glowy dewy skin for a blah, matte finish. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to keep on glowing for as long as I can. Instead of ditching your highlighter and face oils flecked with liquid gold, yes, actual gold, focus on transitioning to a fall look by switching up your choice of colors. Rather than a gold or orangey bronzer, try a subtle, cooler tone that’ll be perfect for creating a more sculpted, contoured look. Also, choosing a more mauve or peachy- toned blush over a hot pink or coral color will have you looking more Fall in no time.

You know, I’m totally feeling fall-ready now. I think I’ll spend the rest of the day dreaming about pumpkin spice lattes and a cute new pea coat.


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