The Art of Mixing and Matching Clothes

The art of mixing and matching clothes is either a natural ability or a learned skill. Do you ever watch fashion shows and marvel at the outfits as they walk down the runway? You may wonder how these extravagant outfits are conceptualized. Well, fashion designers have expertise when it comes to mixing and matching, which allows them to produce interesting, eye-catching combinations. They pick out fabrics, shape them to preference, and then drape them around stunning models to captivate our attention. Fashion is a collage. Clothes can be altered and molded in an infinite amount of ways to create any unique look you’d like.

Almost anyone can create a distinct outfit from the items already in their closet by following a few basic rules of thumb. We may not be able to transform you into a fashion expert, but why not save yourself some money and embarrassment with a few simple tips? You might be surprised how stylish your wardrobe really is!


Get Organized

Reinventing your look requires discipline and organization. You’ll have no luck browsing your closet if the space isn’t organized. You need to know exactly what colors, patterns, textures, and styles you have so you can be effective when mixing and matching. Make the process easier by arranging your closet. If you have a whole day to tackle this project, spread your clothes out on the bed or floor so you can see them all at once. A good collage takes time. Set aside time to explore your closet properly if you’re serious about learning the art of mixing and matching.


Mix Patterns

Crafting a new look involves some risk, so you might as well embrace it with some bold pattern mixing. There are lots of fashion tips to help you when mixing and matching the patterns in your closet. Mix inverse designs and patterns with complimentary color schemes to find fun new combinations already in your closet. If you have stripes or leopard prints, use them as ‘pattern neutrals’ for your outfits. A scarf or purse adds unique pop to a classic look. Rules are good guidelines, but in the fashion world being bold is worth the risk. Be bold, and your collage might end up a trend.


Learn to Sew

A needle and thread up the anti when reinventing your wardrobe. You can save money re-styling pieces you never wear into trendy new outfits. However, know your limitations. Research the project you want to undertake and use the wealth of information on YouTube to learn or hone your skills. Sewing is a huge asset when reinventing your wardrobe. If fashion is a collage, sewing is like the glue holding it together. Use glue, and the possibilities grow exponentially.


Cut It Up

Scissors are a necessity for editing your clothes. A pair of scissors can transform your tired t-shirt into a flattering beach top with a boatneck, or a biker shirt with vintage, distressed sleeves. Use those new sewing skills and you can create a button-down by cutting down the middle of a t-shirt and adding buttons to the front. A simple snip can also transform a jacket into a vest and a dress into a scarf. Find the fashion canvases in your closet and use them as the anchor of your new look.


Revive and Reinvent Your Clothes

You may be surprised how easy it is to brighten up worn clothes with a quick wash. If you are dealing with stains, search the web for DIY removal life hacks. Use white wine or club soda to make a red wine stain disappear. Abolish an ink stain to different material with rubbing alcohol or nail polish. Sweat stains vanish out in the sun if rubbed with water and lemon juice. For dirty sneakers, use a mixture of baking soda and laundry detergent. A pair of tired laced shoes can be reinvented as slip-ons. Reviving your clothes reinvents your outfit by making it sharp and sleek. A reverse approach cam also add to your look. For distressed accents on jeans or a shirt, scrape sandpaper over the fabric a few times for an interesting texture.

You don’t have to shop at high-end fashion shops to create outfits that are fashionable and chic. Anyone can use the art of mixing and matching clothes to maximize their wardrobe and reinvent their personal style. Use these tips to become an outfit collage expert and soon your friends will be asking you for advice!


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