Quick Guide to Grocery Shopping in New York City

Grocery shopping in New York City? We can hear the incredulity in your voice. You were preparing for another cheap delivery pizza, weren’t you? (Alright. Cheap is a relative term.) The prospect of grocery shopping in NYC is daunting. If you brave long lines and high prices only to have your bag rip on the subway, you’ll have a lot more than minor ‘hangriness’ to control. As a hard-working New Yorker, you deserve better. You deserve a pleasant shopping experience and the opportunity to fix a warm, home-cooked meal. Unfortunately, we can’t offer you indestructible bags. (We recommend investing in a canvas bag for your grocery needs.) What we can offer is a list of the 5 best grocery stores in New York. Their bags may be average, but the prices sure aren’t!

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Grab a basket and start your sausage party! We hope it’s scrumptious (and far less raunchy than the Seth Rogen-Evan Goldberg film).


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