Puppy Fashion That’s So Cute It’s Painful

On August 26, dog lovers across America will break out the treats and puppy fashion in celebration of National Dog Day 2016. Founded in 2004, National Dog Day aims to bring attention to the plight of dogs and encourage pet adoptions. In many cities, dogs are abandoned or forgotten daily, creating large populations that roam the alleys hungry and alone. Others are simply caught and disposed of as a nuisance. National Dog Day fights for a world where strays find homes and killing is never a solution.

National Dog Day can be a somber reminder of many dogs who lost their lives due to neglect or carelessness. However, it is also a celebratory holiday! If you have a dog, let him or her join in the festivities with a big special treat or extra long walk. Another fun way to celebrate with your dog is to dress up. We know costumes aren’t for everyone (or all dogs), but if dressing up is your thing, why not get dressed up with your puppy? So, for the fashionable dog owner, here are a few ideas to help with your pet’s get up on the big day!

Trendy Puppy Fashion

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