How To Repurpose Your T-Shirts Like a Boss

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a list of ways to repurpose your old t-shirts? You certainly have dozens taking up valuable space in your closet. You want to throw them away, but each has a sentimental value. A bright t-shirt from family vacation or you our team t-shirt from 3rd grade aren’t doing you any good now though, are they? Yet, instead of giving in and throwing them away, why not think up creative ways to repurpose your old t-shirts and use their sentimentality in new ways? Win your battle with clutter and keep the memories with these 21 DIY ideas.

Shred It – Snip the bottom seam and deconstruct the threads of your old t-shirt for a chic, modern look.

Flower Dress – Cut a few old t-shirts into thick strips and sew onto a slip in swirls for a colorful, textured summer dress.

Bracelet – Braid you old t-shirt into a simple bracelet or bangle to preserve the heirloom on your wrist.

Diamond Smock – Give your old t-shirt a dress-like makeover with a diamond seam dividing the upper and lower halves.

Pom-Poms – Bunch many old t-shirt strips into lettuce-like balls to craft some colorful pom-poms.

Quilt – Cut blocks of you favorite logos out of your shirts and sew them together into a pattern for your bed or couch.

Tote Bag – Close up the bottom hems of your old t-shirt and bunch the sleeve widths together to craft a handy bag for everyday use.

Toy – Braid and knot your old t-shirt to repurpose it as a fun toy for your pet.

Fringe – Cut the fabric into vertical rectangular lines that hang off your sleeves and hems for a Western-chic, 70s look.

Infinity Scarf – Cut your shirts into rectangles and sew them together in a circle to create a repurposed scarf to keep you warm this winter.

Bowl – Use fabric yarn to hold together tightly wound strips cut from an old t-shirt. Sew these strips into a small decorative bowl.

Headband – Repurpose your old t-shirt into a headband by tying two long strips together with a nautical knot.

Accordion Necklace – Use a thin strip of old t-shirt to string a wide, accordion-folded strip and clump it into a classy necklace.

Lace Sleeves – Cut off the sleeves of an old t-shirt and replace them with lace to add a textured accent.

Apron – Use the sleeves as ties and fold up the bottom to form pockets as you repurpose your old t-shirt for efficient use in the kitchen.

Knit – Knit strips of old t-shirts into a braided rug or dishtowels to preserve the t-shirt and add to its functionality.

Pajama Pants – Use two old t-shirts to craft asymmetrical pajama bottoms to keep you warm at night.

Bowtie – Fashion the unique design out of an old t-shirt and then wear it like you would a regular tie.

Shrug – Add extra seams and a front bow to your old t-shirt and it will serve keep you warm for fall.

Pillow – Repurpose both sides of the t-shirt to craft pillows with popular logos on them.

Tunic – An extra long old t-shirt will turn into a tunic if you add a seam or belt around the waist.

There are many ways to repurpose your old t-shirt into something new and exciting for your wardrobe. Keeping tidy and saving memories has never been easier!

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