5 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party POST IN NOVEMBER

So you’ve landed yourself on a ‘tips for hosting a holiday party’ page because you’ve decided to go for it. After weeks of brooding and nail-biting, you are throwing a holiday get together at your house and need some expert holiday party tips to rescue you. No matter the occasion, hosting a holiday party is a big undertaking. For close friends, you want to create a welcoming atmosphere that fosters a good visit. With loftier goals, the task becomes more of a challenge. At a holiday cocktail party for thirty, you have to maintain your home while making the rounds and visiting with each guest. Are you beginning to regret sending those invitations so quickly? Don’t stress! Hosting a holiday party is not as terrifying as it seems, especially when you have someone to advise you. That’s where we come in. With these tips for hosting a holiday party, you can be positive you’re throwing the perfect party. Just remember 5 simple steps.



Your bash depends a lot upon an excellent holiday party theme, so put your best foot forward when brainstorming holiday party ideas. A party with no theme can be confusing, even embarrassing, to your guests. Remember Elle Woods and that Playboy bunny suit? We know you’re not that cruel, but when hosting a holiday party it still helps to specify what vibe you’re going. Is your holiday cocktail party a classic, formal affair, or are you hoping for a room full of ugly sweaters? Consider catering your holiday party theme to your guests too. If people think your theme is fun, they’re more like to show up!



Atmosphere is everything when hosting a holiday party. A simple but effective holiday party tip is to arrange the room so there are no isolated spaces. Make sure the layout allows your guests to visit and interact with ease. They should be able to wander through your arrangement and easily access the bathroom and foyer. Rearranging your furniture also gives you the chance to set up ‘stations’ for snacks, games, and drinks. Your layout can add to the holiday party theme too. Gaudy blankets make perfect tablecloths and throws at an ugly sweater party!



Hosting a holiday party does not need to involve cooking an elaborate seven-course meal. You want to entertain well, but there’s no harm in letting your home’s welcoming ambience bear a fair share of the burden. A sly party hosting tip is to let your guests dine on their own, then invite them over for cocktails and light hors d’oeuvres in the evening. If you have your heart set on a dinner party, consider organizing a potluck system where your guests each bring a dish to create the evening meal. If you coordinate well, you can host a holiday dinner party without investing in a huge grocery shop. The potluck idea also works for holiday cocktail party snacks.



Hosting a holiday party can quickly become a thankless task when the ten or twenty people in your home make a mess. An essential party hosting tip to maintain control is designating a space where your guests can store their shoes and coats. What fun is a holiday cocktail party dripping wet from everyone’s snowy outerwear? Store shoes by the doors and coats on a common couch or bed. If you don’t want people trekking in and out of your bedroom, another fine option is to rent a makeshift coatrack for the foyer.



These tips for hosting a holiday party would be remiss if they didn’t mention something about how to end your party. Of all the holiday party ideas, this is probably trickiest to pull off since it must be subtle. Here are a few good things to try. If you’re playing loud music, lower the volume or switch to something gentler. Since a holiday cocktail party might be too noisy for this to have a strong impact, turning off a light or two also signals that things will be wrapping up soon. As a last resort, begin to clean up. Parties that last too long can leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, so make sure you hone this party hosting tip to avoid disaster.

Hosting a holiday party doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. If you follow these tips for hosting your holiday party, we have no doubt your guests will be begging you to host again soon.


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