5 Morning Life Hacks To Make Your Day Easier

Morning life hacks can determine if your day starts smoothly or like a chaotic whirlwind. Plain and simple, mornings can make or break your day. One mistake, and you’ve forgotten the keys, burnt your breakfast, and are running late for work. You can go to bed earlier and try to remedy the confusion that way, but an early night isn’t always possible. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up on time, run through a simple morning routine, and leave the house confident you’ll have a triumphant morning? Work these simple morning life hacks into your daily life for an efficient transition from dreamland to real life.

Morning preparations get a bad rap. We know the last thing you want to do after a long day is spend your evening preparing for the next. Give it a try though. Stuff a ham sandwich in a bag for lunch and pick out a morning outfit. You can even sleep in your gym clothes if working out starts your morning routine. Finding little things to cut down your morning preparation time will help minimize stress. Another great morning life hack is to turn off electronics before you sleep. This will allow your brain to shut down properly so you can get a deep, beneficial sleep.


A great morning is free of chaos. Sure, if you think hard enough you may remember everything that absolutely has to be done before you leave the house, but it’s far less stressful to plan out your steps. Early on, you may need to write out an order so you are consistent. Precision is key when forming a new habit. Once your body knows to go from jog to shower to closet to kitchen, your mind will have pockets of time to plan for the public morning too, making your transition from home to work a breeze.


Your brain needs a few jolts to be ready for the day. Your alarm is one. The shower can be another. For many people caffeine is the third. If coffee is on your list of morning necessities then invest in an instant coffee machine to avoid grinding beans at 6am. It will save you waiting in the Starbucks line too. However, while many people love their coffee, studies have shown that water is a more effective waker-upper. Since your body is made of water, the liquid energizes your brain functionality quicker. Whether it’s a glass of water, a cup of coffee, or both, your day will be better if you drink the morning in.


We don’t want to hear how you are not “a breakfast person.” The importance of breakfast has been reiterated again and again, and for very good reasons. Calorie intake increases brain capacity. You need calories and fats to use as energy for your day. A healthy breakfast goes a long way, so eat one. If you’re in a hurry, hard-boil an egg the night before. It doesn’t take much extra time to stuff a bagel in the toaster and eat it on your way to work. It’s tough and trendy to be the suffering servant who skips his breakfast, but it’s not worth the hype.


Organize for an efficient get-out. The last two minutes before you leave for work are a crucial part of your morning routine. Just because you’re dressed and fed doesn’t mean you’re ready to start the day. Three words you must never forget. Keys. Wallet. Phone. Keep a shelf or bowl on your side table to keep the trio together. Make sure it’s near a power socket so you can charge your phone without losing track of it. If you are particularly forgetful, a hook by the door or a helpful doormat will make sure you don’t end up locked out or lost later on.

Mornings don’t have to be a drag. With just a few simple morning life hacks you can take command of your day. With some initiative tonight, you can have a triumph tomorrow!


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