Who We Are

RM is a fashion magazine that covers many different subjects. Whether it’s BEAUTY, FASHION, LIFESTYLE, DESIGNER, BRIDAL, or EVENTS, we put our ears to the ground to write about what’s going on around the world. Founded back in 2015, RM has since resonated with many of the modern styles of the present day. Richard Magazine is focused on informing our readers about the elegance revolving around the chic community.

Editorial Guidelines

We, at Richard Magazine, follow an ethical writing standard. By focusing on the correct information, our writers research and write impactful content while considering all of the ethics involved. RM takes into consideration all of the accurate trending forecasts and reaffirms its assessments.

Our Writers

Kathryn Bates

Kathy is a writer specialized in beauty and lifestyle content. She keeps up with seasonal trends and modish innovations on a daily basis. Kathryn started out by publishing her own blog posts before working for Richard Magazine.

Jonathan Roman

As a proud Guatemalan writer, Jonathan concentrates on the world of Latin fashion, but also pumps out content for other areas throughout his expertise. He has dozens of articles under his belt to showcase, making Jonathan a fashionista to be reckoned with.

DS Lyu

Using his extensive knowledge in fashion and the world of design, DS scopes out which craze is in and which fad is out. He intensely examines and assesses all of the past styles and goes ahead of the curve to see if they’re coming back or if they’re evolved in some way.